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ID 230986

Milad Razban


ID 147580

Bryan Hurren

Product Management leader at @research-in-motion; redefined mobile email, brought @livemocha to 10M users • MASc in Systems Design at @university-of-waterloo

ID 211011

Jim Moss

Founder / CEO of Plasticity Labs • Building the Happiest High Performing Workforce, Recently Closed $2.1M investment round

ID 860795

Ja'lon Jackson

ID 182424

Ronen Benin

Technology entrepreneur

ID 27030

Mark Matta

Sales Engineer @pagerduty. EE @uwaterloo alum. Ex- @salesforce, @assistly.

ID 391071

Shan Lian

Passionate about retail, technology and operations. Experienced with full-agency account management, inside sales, copywriting and analytics.

ID 503325

Farhad Sadeghi

Former Sales Engineering Director at Dell, Engineer with technology consulting, business development, sales experience, Kellogg-Schulich Exec MBA 2014

ID 864649

Aaron Leyser

Environment and Business student at Waterloo; International Business focus with experience in Consulting, Finance and Telecommunications

ID 635589

Robert A. Klosa

Financial product R&D. Sales and Marketing in highly regulated businesses. Former CCO. Quant. finance + MBA.

ID 72653

Saif Altimimi

Founder @notewagon, @coursemodo • Studied at @university-of-guelph. Strong UX/UI background

ID 705365

Andreea Fatu

Wilfrid Laurier BBA, co-op student, launched 1 start-up, worked at PwC, tech savvy, learning to code in Objective C.

ID 260280

Shankar Gurunathan

Worked at @infosys-technologies • Studied at @university-of-waterloo

ID 461370

Ihab Mahna

Executive brings over 20 years of experience at both start-up and industry leading technology companies.

ID 194731

Madusha Cooray

Startup Services Manager @communitech • Worked at @research-in-motion @infinidy-corp • Engineer • Designer • Developer • Hacker • Studied in Switzerland, Canada

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