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ID 161904

Philip Kirkbride

Multimedia graduate, managed the website and built a cross-platform mobile app at Ontario Sheep. Now doing contract website design and building apps.

ID 33136

Quinn Battersby

Marketing Master. Design Freak. Webmaster Extraordinaire.

ID 757283

Jenny Wen

Waterloo Systems Design Engineering. Designer and engineer. ex-Courserian.

ID 348809

Brian Zhang

Studying at University of Waterloo, Worked at Campbell Company of Canada and Jonar System Inc

ID 496183

Austin Bianchini

3D Designer, FIRST Robotics world champion, Electronics Enthusiast, Nanotechnology Engineering Student

ID 194731

Madusha Cooray

Startup Services Manager @communitech • Worked at @research-in-motion @infinidy-corp • Engineer • Designer • Developer • Hacker • Studied in Switzerland, Canada

ID 531774

Brett Willemsen

Project Lead at Pravala Networks. Started a startup in University focused on mobile and web technology. Full stack JavaScript developer.

ID 151416

Adrien Niblock

Co-Founder & Chief Product Officer @nowinstore

ID 406658

Lesia Nalepa

Front end developer and designer. Engineering student at @university-of-waterloo

ID 489512

Mariel Yonnadam

Honors Computer Science / BBA student at University of Waterloo; UI/UX designer, Web designer; Strong communication and problem solving skills

ID 134518

James McLean

Co-founder / CPO @homefed. Strong design and tech background, studied Industrial Design at OCADU

ID 246685

Matt Rae

Founder Tripzaar • Studied at @university-of-waterloo (VeloCity resident) - Founder MattRae Photo - Employee with Toyota, Ontario Power Generation, Cargill

ID 192003

Adam King

UX designer-for-hire at @unnormal · Founder at @ethical-coffee-chain · Seeking: good people to work with, design problems worth tackling.

ID 315584

Sharath Sundar

Engineering and Knowledge Integrator at Waterloo. Worked at SAP, Desire2Learn, MyPlanet Digitial. Part time student and full time dreamer.

ID 600455

Ryan Erb

ID 169605

Patrick Hannigan

Founder @ticketlabs (YCS14) • Studied at @university-of-waterloo

ID 72130

Yousef Khraibut

ID 650156

Chad Chabot

Full-stack web dev with a talent for usability.

ID 319652

Jeffrey Tong

Founder HearthStats • Worked at @procter-gamble-2, @gopexo • Studied at @university-of-waterloo

ID 139214

Maxwell Brodie

Co-founder @121writing on a mission to demystify writing. Incubated by @imaginek12. Prev Kira Talent @ Next36, uWaterloo for CS and Knowledge Integration.

ID 482184

Anton Shevchenko

University of Waterloo Honors Computer Science Co-op student. Graduating in 2019. Fast learner, competent and team worker.

ID 675882

Zach Waterfield

Waterloo Computer Engineering, Front-End Developer

ID 315790

Victoria Stacey

Passionate & Creative Student @uwaterloo, CEO & Editor-In-Chief at Passion8 Magazine @passion8tweets & Co-op student at WestonExpressions @westonex.

ID 106760

Robert Barlow-Busch

All about UX and product design. Partner at @ArtBarnLabs. VP Experience Design at Demeure. Founder of UX Waterloo and Fluxible. Thinking about sushi.

ID 438385

Harsh Dave

Waterloo Engineer. Formerly with Microsoft as a PM/Designer. Experience with Front-End Development.

ID 196253

Ryan Zheng

Founder TeamAtLast, jimport

ID 503876

Roman Sanine

Computing & BBA Double Degree | Developed numerous WebApps | UI&Graphic Design | Full-Stack

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