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Map of the local innovation industry.
Meet some of the best and newest startups based in Waterloo.

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ID 557477

Myles Tan

Ideas, products and everything in between. uWaterloo Systems Design Engineering. Front-End and Mobile Dev, Product Management, and Strategy.

ID 496183

Austin Bianchini

3D Designer, FIRST Robotics world champion, Electronics Enthusiast, Nanotechnology Engineering Student

ID 438385

Harsh Dave

Waterloo Engineer. Formerly with Microsoft as a PM/Designer. Experience with Front-End Development.

ID 675882

Zach Waterfield

Waterloo Computer Engineering, Front-End Developer

ID 777408

Alessandro Segala

8 years of involvement in IT. Co-founded 3 startups. Business & coding. UWaterloo MBET, Bocconi BBA.

ID 406658

Lesia Nalepa

Front end developer and designer. Engineering student at @university-of-waterloo

ID 809885


Operationally focused COO/CFO who understands how to use technology to drive cost out of business operations.

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