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ID 438385

Harsh Dave

Waterloo Engineer. Formerly with Microsoft as a PM/Designer. Experience with Front-End Development.

ID 406658

Lesia Nalepa

Front end developer and designer. Engineering student at @university-of-waterloo

ID 809885


Operationally focused COO/CFO who understands how to use technology to drive cost out of business operations.

ID 557477

Myles Tan

Ideas, products and everything in between. uWaterloo Systems Design Engineering. Front-End and Mobile Dev, Product Management, and Strategy.

ID 777408

Alessandro Segala

8 years of involvement in IT. Co-founded 3 startups. Business & coding. UWaterloo MBET, Bocconi BBA.

ID 675882

Zach Waterfield

Waterloo Computer Engineering, Front-End Developer

ID 496183

Austin Bianchini

3D Designer, FIRST Robotics world champion, Electronics Enthusiast, Nanotechnology Engineering Student

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